In relation to Your Life, Have You Been a Race Car Driver Or

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race car driverIn relation to Your Life, Are You a Race Car Driver Or or maybe a food customer

Said in another way: In Case Your Life Were A Vehicle, Who Is Driving Your Life?

This post is concerning your own relationship with your life. It is important, it is at the root of you never amounting to who you could be, it’s at the root of why most people can only evolve slightly in a whole lifetime (and many move backwards!)

Becoming masterful in this territory of life is the real difference between a champion and a just ran, and it is so understated, that without having somebody directing your attention to it, you’d probably observe zero distinction.

We will begin at the beginning: in life you achieve a few things (correct?) and do not carry out several other stuff. You win a few races, and you come in last in many others.

Let’s name all the stuff that you have completed a victory, and all of the things that you do not (but would want to have accomplished) items that you do not attain. Ok?

Stay with me, it might be uncomplicated right now, but without getting this part deeply in your bones, I will lose you on the steep areas of this conversation, so do not simply nod, look and feel before you decide to nod.

Buying food, feeding yourself when you’re starving or just plain want to eat. Visiting the bathroom. All achievements.

Getting a brand new job, slimming down, making your romantic relationship work smoothly, determining what exactly is your own life’s purpose, picking exactly what business to start, becoming a race car driver and win… eh, these are not occurring, right?


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